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We are your resource for on-campus hiring, Work-Study, on-campus co-ops, and student temps!


Summer Working Hours FAQ

Review our frequently asked questions regarding summer employment, working over 20 hours, and working until or after graduation.

Hire Dates

Undergraduate / Graduate

SUMMER HIRE DATES: May 7 to September 2

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Student employees are paid on a biweekly payroll schedule! Please see our student payroll dates and plan accordingly.

SSN Update

All International Students Employees

IMPORTANT REMINDER: SSA offices have resumed walk-in appointments. You are required to apply for an SSN before completing Section 2 of the Form I9 and starting work.

CPS Winter Term Graduates

The last possible day of work for CPS Graduate students that are graduating at the end of the Winter Term was April 1, 2023.

Qualified Candidates

Our talent pool is made up of professionals pursuing advanced degrees at NEU.

Quick Turnover

Find the right student within a week or sooner.

Flexible Staffing

Hire students for hours, weeks, or semesters.

Lower Cost

Our service fee is only $5/hour worked by the student.
This fee is in addition to the student’s hourly wage.

Talent Review

NU Temps helped me get a job in a short time. The meeting with April made it easier for me to briefly explain my skills, experiences & possible positions. This has made it easier to land an on-campus job in a few weeks. Bereket Faltamo - Front desk representative

Finding Tax Forms

For U.S. based student employees, the W-2 is available electronically. Current U.S.-based (except Puerto Rico) employees may access their 2022 W-2 tax documents from Workday. This change provides another secure and convenient way to access your wage and tax statement...

Commencement 2022

GRADUATION SEASON WAS A SUCCESS, AND OUR TEMPS PLAYED A BIG PART! by Neel Gudka May is usually an eventful month at Northeastern. The campus is bustling with students in caps and gowns. Parents have flown in from different parts of the world to watch their children...

How to Apply to On-Campus Jobs on the Workday Portal

HOW TO APPLY TO ON-CAMPUS JOBS ON THE WORKDAY PORTAL  By Neel Gudka Recently, Northeastern’s student employment portal transitioned to Workday. Since then, we’ve been receiving questions about applying for on-campus jobs. Therefore, we decided to come up with a...

Things to Do After Landing an On-Campus Job

Before you start working and bringing in the bucks, there are some important formalities that need to be taken care of. Make sure you get them done on time.

7 Tips to Help Perfect Your Resume

Ever wondered why you’re constantly getting rejection emails for your job applications? Hiring managers typically wade through hundreds of resumes for each position. Studies indicate that recruiters look at each resume for approximately 7.4 seconds. It’s imperative to...

Tips for Supervising Students

Establish clear goals. Provide training, performance expectations and ground rules. Develop a student employee manual. Delegate! Assume that the students you have hired are competent and responsible. Provide them with the potential for learning and growth. Set a...

Employer Review

The Accounting Department has employed several NU Student Temps in the last couple of years. It has been a game changer. These students are extremely bright, hard-working and have great attitudes. They have consistently exceeded my expectations. We hire students with...

Talent Review

The whole hiring process was straightforward and swift. I am pleased to work as a PCA at the Cabot Testing Center, which allows me to be part of the university's outstanding mission to "Protect the Pack" and gives me a bigger picture of how meticulously things are...

Employer Review

The NU Student Temps program really impressed us with their ability to quickly refer several candidates that had the right experience for the job. We could not have been happier with the ability and enthusiasm with which Bhavya stepped into a very fast-paced project...