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for Off-Campus Non-Work-Study Employers
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Do you want to hire professional students?

We provide a free platform for you to reach our students and advertise your paid part-time job. Employers with positions open are welcome to add them to our database.

If you’re interested in hiring recent grads, co-ops, or unpaid interns, consider contacting Northeastern Employer Engagement & Career Design. If you are interested in hiring Work-Study students, please review our policies and procedures.

How It Works

  • You can choose how long your job posting will stay up, and the posting will automatically be taken down at that chosen time. Students will be advised to contact you directly.

  • We do not post Mystery Shopper positions or any jobs that require payment to be employed.

  • If we cannot confirm you are a valid employer, we will not post your position on our site. Please include sufficient details for us to verify your identity as an employer. This is for the protection of our students.