NU Student Temps

What is the NU Student Temps service?

The NU Student Temps service is an on campus staffing and temping agency. Our talent pool is made up of professionals who are pursuing advanced degrees at Northeastern University. We are your in-house alternative to external temp agencies.

We can connect you with student-professionals for your short-term, long-term, and project-based work. Consider NU Student Temps to address gaps in coverage due to staff turnover or time away. We’re also a great option if you just need some extra help around the office!

Our mission is to enhance the Northeastern community by connecting qualified applicants with meaningful employment opportunities on-campus.


We charge a service fee of $5 for every hour worked by an NU Student Temp. This fee is in addition to the student’s hourly wage. Our staff does the work of sourcing, recruiting, and screening applicants. Revenue generated by the program is reinvested in the Northeastern community through the creation of scholarships for Northeastern University students.

The whole hiring process was straightforward and swift. I am pleased to work as a PCA at the Cabot Testing Center, which allows me to be part of the university’s outstanding mission to “Protect the Pack” and gives me a bigger pictured of how meticulously things are done on a daily basis to ensure our safety.

-Santhoshi Bathina, M.S. Engineering Management

The Accounting Department has employed several NU Student Temps in the last couple of years. It has been a game changer. These students are extremely bright, hard-working and have great attitudes. They have consistently exceeded my expectations. We hire students with “technical” and “accounting” backgrounds; each of them not only have performed well, but brought something additional to the table. These students are SMART!!! It really is a valuable resource here at the University.

-Angela Miller

The NU Student Temps program really impressed us with their ability to quickly refer several candidates that had the right experience for the job. We could not have been happier with the ability and enthusiasm with which Bhavya stepped into a very fast-paced project and immediately contributed to our success.

-CJ Grasso, Associate Director for Research, Global Resilience Institute

We place experienced students across a range of roles.

Grow your digital presence with the help of graphic designers and marketing experts.


Starting on a new project? Juggling too many projects? Let a project manager help.

Build or update your website or app with our developers.

Need data entered, cleaned, or analyzed? We have data analysts.

Browse a sample of our resumes.

How it Works for Hiring Managers:

    1. Complete our request form.
    2. We’ll contact you with any questions and begin sourcing qualified applicants.
    3. We can then place candidates directly, or send a select few for your review.
    4. Once a candidate is selected, we’ll process the hire.
    5. You’ll be responsible for supervising the student and approving their timesheets.
    6. Your department will be billed for the student’s hourly wages, plus a service fee of $5 for every hour worked by the student.

Please note that we are unable to source candidates for Work-Study-funded positions.

How it Works for Students:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs do you fill?

We source candidates for on-campus, part-time employment. This includes one-time, multi-day, project-based, and multi-semester placements. Students may not work more than 20 hours/week while classes are in session.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on the nature of the position. For positions requiring a higher level of skill or a unique skillset, our staff will need additional time to carefully source your candidates.

How did the program get started?

The NU Student Temps program was developed to bridge the gap between work opportunities and our student population. Many of our students come to us with years of experience. They are capable, reliable, and eager to work.

Why is there a service fee?

The NU Student Temps program staff does the work of sourcing, recruiting, and screening applicants. Revenue generated by the service is used to fund scholarships for Northeastern University students.

What's the difference between NU Student Temps and general student employment?

The NU Student Temps program does the work for you—we’ll find qualified applicants and forward them to you for direct placement, or for your final review. Then, we’ll process the hire. In contrast, general student employment requires you to advertise your position, review resumes, interview candidates, process the hires, and respond to all applicants.

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