Hiring Students

To post jobs for students, hire students, and/or approve student timesheets, you will need to request “JM” access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for jobs?

Go to Workday and search “Jobs and Career Hub”, then select “Student Employment” and click on NU Find Student Jobs.

Why is my application automatically rejected?

Work-study jobs are only available to students who have been awarded work-study funding as part of their financial aid package. If an ineligible student applies to a work-study job, their application will be automatically rejected. If you are not eligible for work-study, you should use the filters to limit your job search to non-work-study jobs only.

Students may also be rejected from a job if they are not qualified, or if another candidate was more suitable for the position. Hiring managers make the final hiring decision.

Finally, applications from incoming students will be automatically rejected until after August 15. On August 15, incoming students become eligible for student employment.

If you believe your applications are being rejected in error, please contact us.

When can new students apply for jobs?

Most incoming students will have access to Workday on December 20. Please return in December to apply for Spring semester positions. If you still do not have access by December 20, we recommend double-checking that you have submitted all required documentation for enrollment in the University.

Thank you for your patience.  

How can I view my paystubs?

To view your 2022, paystub history go to Workday and search “My Payslip” in the search bar.

To access paystub history prior to 2022, please navigate to Student Hub –> My Links –> Financial Services –> Student Employee Self Service and search “Pay Slips”.

How can I update my withholdings/tax elections?

The W-4 is defaulted to 0 withholdings for student employees at Northeastern, but you can make changes if you wish. Go to Workday and searchWithholding Elections” in the search bar. Select the ‘Update’ button to be brought to the menu where you can change the number of withholdings or exempt yourself from income tax (if you think the exemption is applicable).

Why am I unable to submit my timesheet?

Students are paid with bi-weekly pay schedule. Every pay week, the timesheet will be temporarily lock for processing payroll. If you realize you have trouble entering time, please try again on Friday. Make sure you enter your hours by 10AM Sunday morning every week so you can get paid on time.