For Students

For Students


Looking for an on-campus job?

NU Student Temps helps connect students with professional experience with on-campus positions that match their skillsets and interests.


Looking for an on-campus job?

NU Student Temps helps connect students with professional experience with on-campus positions that match their skillsets and interests.

Our Hiring Process

① Screening

Once you submit your application, we will review your resume. We may reach out to you to schedule a meeting to get to know you better.

② Matching Positions

We will notify you if/when we have a hiring request that matches your skills and interests.

③ Providing Opportunities

If you are a good match for an open position, we will short-list your profile for the hiring manager’s review. The hiring manager may interview you.

④ Pre-Hire Paperwork

If you are selected for a position, we will send you an offer letter and assist you in completing your pre-hire paperwork and other onbaording processes. 

Please note the NU Student Temps program is separate from Workday, and our staff does not make hiring decisions for the jobs advertised on Workday.


Screen your Application Form & Resume.


Contact you via email or phone whenever we find a position that may suitable for you.


Match your profiles with suitable opening positions.


Assist you with getting pre-hire paperwork completed.

Our Hiring Process

Please note the NU Student Temps program is separate from Workday, and our staff does not make hiring decisions for the jobs advertised on Workday.

How NU Student Temps Work

Talent Review

I landed my first on-campus position as an Instructional Assistant, an experience that truly opened my eyes. It not only significantly bolstered my confidence but also my motivation. I’m grateful to NU Temps for this incredible opportunity. – Pooja Kannan, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

Extending a heartfelt thank you to NU Student temp for their invaluable support in securing my first on-campus job as an Instructional Assistant Leader. Their guidance made the entire process seamless – from facilitating communication with my supervisor to handling paperwork easily. This opportunity to lead a team, manage resources, and align my past experiences with my course of study was truly transformative. It enhanced my skills and provided a meaningful platform for building connections and expanding my professional network. I extend my sincere thanks to NU Student Temp for making this journey both memorable and impactful.

Special gratitude to April Hoyte and Mercy Sulochana for providing me with this fantastic opportunity – your efforts have truly shaped this experience to not only be an enjoyable one but also incredibly rewarding.

I’d also like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Robin, for their invaluable guidance throughout. Their mentorship has been a beacon, steering me through the intricacies of leadership and professional development. – Surabhi Bhatt, Lead Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

I highly recommend NU Temps services to all students seeking on-campus employment and professional development. Their hiring process is quite transparent and quick. I had a great meeting with April about what my skills and experience are and how that would align with my on-campus job as an Instructional Assistant. – Vasu Rameshbhai Kalariya, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

I’m deeply grateful to NU Student Temps for helping me land my first on-campus role as an Instructional Assistant. Amidst job search challenges, their expertise in matching my skills to the position made the transition seamless. Huge appreciation to April Hoyt and the entire team for their dedication in finding the ideal fit and ensuring a seamless onboarding process. A heartfelt thank you to Robin Mayo for his unwavering support and guidance throughout the job. – Rishika Gurram, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity provided by NU Student Temp as an Instructional Assistant. Completing my role was a fulfilling experience, allowing me to contribute to a positive learning environment. The support and encouragement from the team fostered both personal and professional growth. I thrived in a collaborative atmosphere, honing my skills in assisting and enhancing the educational journey. This position has been invaluable, and I appreciate the trust placed in me. NU Student Temp not only offered a job but also an enriching experience that has undoubtedly shaped my career path. Thank you for the meaningful opportunity. – Aditya Kaspate, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

The support from NU Student Temps, particularly the guidance provided by April Hyott in the online workshop, gave me valuable insights into the available opportunities. The overall experience was user-friendly and contributed to a smooth transition into on-campus employment. I appreciate the efficiency and assistance provided by NU Student Temps throughout the entire process. – Nabila Nabila, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

I am thrilled to share my testimonial as a Lead Instructional Assistant. In just four weeks into this role, the learning experience has been phenomenal. Being in a leadership position has allowed me to gain valuable insights into leadership and managerial practices. My manager has played a crucial role in making this journey incredibly smooth, being both cool and informative, providing the necessary support to foster growth.

One aspect I particularly appreciate is the opportunity to connect with various professionals within ITS. This has not only expanded my network but also provided a broader understanding of the diverse roles available. The exposure to different job types has been eye-opening and has added substantial depth to my perspective.

In addition, my role as a Lead IA has not only enriched my technical knowledge but also honed my leadership skills. The collaborative and supportive environment has made the overall experience truly rewarding. I highly recommend this position for anyone seeking a combination of personal and professional growth.

Thank you to the entire team for making my journey as a Lead IA so enriching and impactful! – Rohit Soni, Lead Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

The process of NU Student Temps is very clear and easy to understand. We have to fill out the application form and submit our resume and if anything roles align with our experience they would contact us and schedule an in person interview to discuss further. The team is very helpful and communication is very clear. They helped me find my on campus in short span of time. Thanks to April Hoyt for helping me out. – Shree Tejani, Event Assistant

Talent Review

As a Northeastern student temp, the on-campus experience has been invaluable. The supportive community, diverse opportunities, and collaborative atmosphere foster personal and professional growth. I appreciate the university’s commitment to student success and the chance to contribute to a vibrant campus environment through meaningful work. – Piyush Kunjilwar, Instructional Assistant

Talent Review

I was fortunate to secure a position as a dashboard creator at NuTemps. This role, which I obtained on campus, aligns perfectly with my Master’s degree and promises to be highly beneficial for my future endeavors.

I have gained invaluable experience and learned extensively from this opportunity. It is poised to significantly enhance my prospects in my future career. Working with a great team throughout this process was a remarkable experience. They were not only instrumental in completing the project but also in broadening my perspective on my work.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity. – Kailash Senthilkumar, Dashboard Creator

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enhance my resume?
Northeastern University students have access to many free resources! For resume, CV, and cover letter help, check out the Career Design Center. Do you need a portfolio? You can build one here!
Can I meet with NU Student Temps?

Due to overwhelming demand, NU Student Temps staff cannot meet with every applicant, and we cannot meet students on a drop-in basis. Appointments are by invitation only.

What kinds of jobs does NU Student Temps recruit for?

We often provide staff for administrative/office/front desk, accounting, finance, data analysis, graphic design, web design, and event support jobs.

How do you match students to jobs?

Every job has its own set of requirements. We review applicants to find the most suitable profiles for each position. We then short-list candidates for the hiring manager’s review. The hiring manager typically interviews candidates as well and then selects the candidate(s) they would like to hire.

What are the requirements to become part of NU Student Temps?

Any student is welcome to apply to become part of NU Student Temps.

We have found that hiring managers are looking for independent, professional candidates who need very little on-the-job training. Because of this, many roles also require years of professional experience. Some jobs may also require a specific technical skillset. All jobs require strong communication and time management skills.

Can NU Student Temps create more on-campus jobs?

Unfortunately, we cannot create jobs for students, but we do encourage hiring managers to consider NU Student Temps for all of their hiring needs.

Can I volunteer through NU Student Temps?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer unpaid, volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in unpaid experiences to build your resume, check out Forage through the Career Design Center.

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