by Neel Gudka

May is usually an eventful month at Northeastern. The campus is bustling with students in caps and gowns. Parents have flown in from different parts of the world to watch their children graduate.

For a university as large as Northeastern, graduation season is a grand affair. Naturally, it takes an enormous amount of planning, organization, and management. This time around, the organizing departments took the help of the talent available within our student population for various processes.

Through NU Student Temps, the organizers brought on board 42 students to help in various roles — from distributing graduation regalia and other items to the students, to being present on the actual ceremony days and ensuring everything went according to plan.

The verdict on our temps was unanimous — they were self-starters, didn’t need to be micromanaged and took ownership of the tasks they were assigned to do. The efficiency and meticulousness with which they went about their jobs ensured all the processes went smoothly.

“I reached out to NU Student Temps because we needed people to work in various roles for the commencement ceremony. I was really happy with the work that these students did. It was great to see how responsible they were and how well they understood their roles. They were very reliable and showed up on time. There were thousands of students participating in the commencement, and these temps did a great job providing customer service to such a large number.”         — Lauren Yen, Event Manager, Academic Ceremonies