by Neel Gudka


Congratulations, you finally secured a job on campus!

Before you start working and bringing in the bucks, there are some important formalities that need to be taken care of. Make sure you get them done on time.

  1. Complete Form I-9

Upon receiving your job offer (verbal or written), you must complete the Form I-9 with the Student Employment Office. Both sections of the form must be submitted before your first day of work.

Section 1 must be completed online on the Workday portal. Go to the applications and search for the Jobs and Career Hub. Then, switch to Student Employment tab and you’ll see the option to start the Form. For section 2, you’re required to provide relevant supporting documentation at the Student Employment Office (175 Richards Hall). Once you’ve submitted your documents, the I-9 form will be processed within three business days. You can find a complete guide for completing the Form I-9 here.

Students on F-1 visa must select “an alien authorized to work” as their citizenship status. The date you’re authorized to work until is the program end date mentioned on your I-20.

Students without a social security number (SSN) must leave the field blank on the I-9 form. Once you get the SSN, you must contact the Student Employment Office to update your Form I-9.

You should notify your supervisor once you have completed the Form I-9.

  1. Apply for On-Campus Employment Letter from OGS (for International Students)

Once you’ve completed your Form I-9, you must apply for your on-campus employment letter and a fresh I-20. These will be required for your SSN application. You can apply for these on the myOGS portal. Once you’ve made your application, it will be processed within five business days. You will receive an email from OGS when your letter and I-20 are ready for pick-up at their office (354 Richards Hall).

  1. Apply for Social Security Number (SSN) (for International Students)

International students are required to apply for a social security number (SSN) upon getting a campus job. Once you have your employment letter and new I-20, you must make an appointment with the Social Security Administration office and present relevant documents. To find out which social security office is applicable to you, enter your zip code here. Please note that certain offices require you to mail them your documents before getting an appointment.

Besides the employment letter and I-20, you will also be required to carry your passport to the appointment.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not part of Northeastern University, so staff from the Student Employment Office cannot help you get an appointment with the SSA.

  1. Register for Direct Deposit

All on-campus student employees are required to enroll for direct deposit. This allows your pay to be directly deposited into your bank account. To enroll for direct deposit, log into the Student Hub, select the Resources tab, then go to Financial Services and click on Direct Deposit Form. Here you will have to enter your banking details (that is bank name, account number, account type and routing number). Once you’ve submitted these details, the direct deposit enrollment is usually processed within five business days. If a payment is made for you before you enroll in direct deposit, it will be in the form of a check, and you will be required to pick it up from the Student Employment; checks will not be automatically converted into direct deposits.

Some Final Notes

  • Your supervisor is responsible for hiring you into Workday once you complete the Form I-9.
  • Once you start working, you must enter your time in the Time and Absence application so that you can be paid for the work you have done. You must submit your time by 10AM on Sundays. Students are paid on a biweekly schedule.
  • Finally, you will likely receive your SSN after you begin working, so don’t forget to call the Student Employment Office to report your number!